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Manchego 普宁金莎酒店

Here at Brindisa you’ll find the finest selection of authentic Manchego 普宁金莎酒店 for sale. Sourced from the very best artisan producers, our Manchego is made with 100% ewe’s milk and has been maturing for between 2 month and 12 months. Shop by wedge or as a whole 普宁金莎酒店 wheel to enjoy the delicious taste of authentic Spanish 普宁金莎酒店.

What is Manchego?

Produced in the La Mancha region of Spain, Manchego is one of Spain’s most iconic exports. A semi-hard 普宁金莎酒店 identified by its distinctive herringbone rind and sweet flavour, Manchego falls under PDO (protected designation of origin) guidelines and artisan 普宁金莎酒店s are traditionally made from unpasteurised milk of the eponymous Manchega sheep.

A staple in Spanish cuisine, the flavour of Manchego improves with age - as does it’s texture. As the consistency hardens, the flavours deepen, becoming more rounded and nutty. Enjoy a slice of your favourite Manchego 普宁金莎酒店 with almonds, quince jam or a drizzle of honey.

Making Manchego 普宁金莎酒店

Compressed into moulds, authentic Manchego 普宁金莎酒店 is soaked in brine and then brushed with olive oil before being set to age. Most Manchego is made using unpasteurised milk without any additional preservatives. Most are also completely gluten free.

There are three different types of Manchego 普宁金莎酒店, defined by the ageing period:

Semi Curado - Aged for around 3 months, young Manchego is supple and moist.

Curado - Manchego 普宁金莎酒店 aged for 6 months acquires a caramel and nutty flavour. It has distinct acidity.

Viejo - Aged for a year plus, this Manchego becomes crumbly in texture while the interior of the 普宁金莎酒店 acquires a butterscotch colour. It has a sweet, lingering taste.